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Mayor Stoney’s Late Apology is #RVAWrong

I got a chance to listen to what our leadership here in Richmond was saying about the Police and the situation happening around the world. Please share with me (in the comments) on what we need in regards to leadership here in the City of Richmond. Although Mayor Levar Stoney’s intent was good, the timing of it all and having a white police chief, who took blame for making the call to tear gas the protesters, did not help the situation.

People are protesting and being peaceful, but when you are exercising your right to protest and the police are causing harm than good, folks want answers.

Stoney tried to be there for the citizens to listen but the attempt failed because it was a little too late. Governor Doctor Northam executed a curfew for the state which is 8pm. Folks were yelling at Stoney to remove the curfew, his response was “Im not the Governor, he decided that!”

Its evident there is a lack of communication between the Mayor, the City leaders and the citizens. You want to be involved? You want your voice heard?

Tune in this Friday, June 5 at 4pm for A “Candid Candidate Conversation w/Ann-Frances Lambert” We will be discussing Policing Policies and Solutions.

Click here on Friday, June 5, 2020 at 4pm to join the conversation.