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#AnnCan2020 Mask Distribution Rally

3rd District City Council Candidate, Ann-Frances Lambert hosts Voter Registration/Mask Distribution Rally for the citizens in North Jackson Ward.

On Friday, July 17, 2020, a rally was held for the citizens of the North Jackson Ward area that reside in the Gilpin Court housing community, also known as “Apostle Town”. Preserving History for Future Generations is the theme for my #AnnCan2020 campaign. I always said about Richmond is that we do not capitalize on the history here. There is a lot of history that is important to understand and recognize especially if you are from Northside. Here is some video of me speaking to the crowd and educating those about Apostle Town.

Check out the first of many videos of my public speaking especially to those in the 3rd district. There is always room for improvement but I overcame a lot of fears to stand up and fight for the citizens of #TheThird!

Ann-Frances Lambert, Candidate for the 3rd District Richmond City Council Open Seat speaks to the crowd at the #AnnCan2020 Voter Registration/Mask Distribution Rally.

We registered over 10 people to vote making the event a success.

Make a donation to the #AnnCan campaign today and get involved!


Lambert Announces 3rd District City Council seat Candidacy #AnnCan2020

For Immediate Release

Ann-Frances Lambert Virtually Announces Candidacy for 3rd District City Council Seat

Launches #AnnCan Campaign ahead of 2020 Municipal Elections

Richmond, Va. – April 6, 2020 – Ann-Frances Lambert, local business-owner and daughter of the late Sen. Benjamin J. Lambert, III, will announce her candidacy LIVE for the 3rd District City Council seat, Monday, April 6, 2020 at 12:00 noon via her Facebook fan page ( Incumbent city councilman Chris Hilbert will not be seeking reelection. 

Lambert’s campaign will use #AnnCan as its official slogan and social media hashtag to highlight Lambert’s experience in public policy and motivation to help residents in District 3. 

Lambert’s decision to run for office comes after speaking to other District 3 residents about their needs in the area, including economic development opportunities, access to healthcare, and more grocery stores to address the District’s food deserts. If elected, Lambert plans to bring her professional skills to City Council to successfully advocate for the needs of District 3 residents.

Lambert is a Richmond native, born and raised in Northside’s Battery Park and Ginter Park neighborhoods. After graduating from Saint Gertrude High School, she earned a B. A. in Communications from Howard University. Lambert began her public policy career in Richmond in 2000, as City Council Liaison to Del. Delores McQuinn, before becoming the Senior Policy Analyst for the City of Richmond’s Intergovernmental Relations Department. Lambert has held additional roles in government at the state and federal levels. 

Lambert spent 10 years in California, before returning home to start a drone business and be with her family after the passing of her brother. With her move, Lambert felt called to return to public service and build on her father, Sen. Lambert’s historic legacy. Sen. Lambert was instrumental in the Innocence Project’s first success in Virginia, and in supporting funding for Virginia’s public schools and HBCUs. “My father was the person who showed me how to bring communities and people together,” Lambert said. “Now is the time to put those lessons into action.” 


For more information, please visit FB or, Instagram: @AnnCan2020,

Ann-Frances Lambert can be contacted via email at, or by phone at (804) 213-2553.