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A Candid, Candidate Conversation: Policing Policies & Solutions!

This Friday, June 5, 2020 at 4pm on Zoom, 3rd District City Council Candidate Ann-Frances Lambert will host another “Candid Candidate Conversation.” The conversation topic will be “Policing Policies and Solutions”

The 3rd district has had an influx of white families moving back into the area within the last 10 years. Because of this transition there are still elements within our society that we cannot ignore anymore. Racism, Police Brutality, a flawed justice system to name a few. Since the death of George Floyd, a Black Man who died with a knee to the neck by a racist Minnesota cop, people are still not recognizing that Black Lives will always Matter, and should have mattered long before this incident was captured on video.

There are a lot of people in this city that are suffering, angry, confused and tired of the systemic racism that people of color are experiencing at the hands of killer cops across the country. We need a dialogue about these issues that are plaguing our society. That conversation will occur this Friday so tune in and speak your solution!

Photo Credit: Lambert Aerial Services

So the question is How are we going to HEAL from our past? Its starts with a conversation a dialogue where we can LISTEN to each other.

I will continue to demonstrate my leadership to start the conversation and be that bridge builder the 3rd District needs. The Time to Speak Up and Speak Out is NOW!

If you would like to be a part of the #AnnCan2020 campaign go to and show your support! Be sure LIKE and FOLLOW the #AnnCan2020 FB Fan Page, Instagram Account @AnnCan2020, and on #AnnCan2020 on Twitter!

Authorized by Lambert 4 City Council

Property Damage to Downtown Richmond, Damaged the Heart of Our City.

I decided to capture the vandalism and destruction of property that occurred after a tumultuous night in Richmond, VA. The aftermath of Day 1 of rioting due to the death of George Floyd, who was murdered in broad daylight by a racist Minnesota police officer. Cities around the country are rioting and setting businesses and police stations on fire.

I attended a rally at 15th and Main streets organized by Richmond for All non-profit.

After the rally I walked down Broad street and captured photos of some of the damage done to the businesses. Waller Jewelers is a Black owned family jewelry business that was robbed the first night. The looters stole jewelry but they did not steal any of the sorority and fraternity paraphernalia.

All it takes is just a little bit of faith

Mr. Waller

The next morning, Mr. Waller was afraid to see what damage the looters may have caused to his business store front, but upon his arrival he was welcomed by a crowd of sorority and fraternity members ready to support his business. Mr. Waller said, “All it takes is just a little bit of faith”and that faith led me to see how good God is.

If you are looking to get involved, for starters you can donate to the RVA Bail Fund. Another good organization is Richmond For All, they are a coalition of individuals and organizations fighting for housing, education, environmental, & racial justice. Also, the Richmond Transparency Accountability Project (RTAP) is another good organization that builds safer, healthier communities by disrupting mass incarceration at its source: police policies and procedures. 

Be sure to Register to Vote in the upcoming November General election.