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Lambert Speaks to Richmond City Council about North Jackson Ward District Concerns

I exercised my right to speak to Richmond City Council during the citizen comment period on February 2, 2020. I spoke about the concerns I observed while improving my family property on the 900 block of First Street.

Watch the video below!

Lambert speaks to City Council during Citizen Comment period

This was the start of the #AnnCan2020 campaign.

Join the team below.

Author: #AnnCan

Thank you for checking out the #AnnCan2020 Campaign blog. I am running for the 3rd District Richmond City Council seat. Take a moment and shoot a LIKE to my FB Fan Page, FOLLOW #AnnCan2020 on Instagram! Take a photo and show your support! #AnnCan #Lambert4CityCouncil #ChangeYourLegislatorChangeRVA #3rdDistrictRVA

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